Dr. Victor Rosenfeld speaks out on “cell phone addiction” and its long-lasting, adverse health effects with Fox 28

Friday, May 25, 2018

Fox 28 reporter Robert Catanese recently visited SouthCoast Health neurologist Dr. Victor Rosenfeld at our Savannah campus to discuss the long-lasting, adverse health conditions linked to cell phone addiction and how it affects our bodies. 

"This is turning into, probably, an epidemic in terms of its addiction," said Rosenfeld. "Every time that you get an alert or ping on your phone, that creates a surge of dopamine in your brain.”

In the SouthCoast Health blog “Our Brains Rewired: The Effects of Our Phones on Our Body,” Dr. Rosenfeld explained that dopamine is very power chemical that leads to addiction and also provided tips to managing “cell phone addiction.”  

Also, Fox 28 featured a follow-up segment that highlighted the rise of “nomophobia,” an irrational fear of being without your mobile phone or unable to use it. Dr. Rosenfeld gave some tips for limiting the use of your smartphone that can help overcome this fear.

Watch Dr. Rosenfeld’s interview in both segments to learn more. 

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