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Understanding Fluoroscopy

Fluoroscopy is an imaging technique commonly used by physicians to obtain real-time images of the internal structures of a patient through the use of a fluoroscope. A fluoroscope consists of an x-ray source and fluorescent screen between which a patient is placed. The screen is coupled to an x-ray image intensifier and CCD video camera allowing the images to be played and recorded on a monitor.

Fluoroscopic imaging procedures include, but are not limited to the upper gastrointestinal (UGI) examinations, barium swallows, barium enemas, epidurography and myelography. These exams which evaluate the digestive system, involve the use of a contrast solution. For the UGI and barium swallow, the contrast is a "white milkshake" drink.

For the barium enema, a similar contrast solution is introduced through the rectum, which allows evaluation of the lower digestive system. For epidurography and myelography, a clear contrast solution is injected into a region of the spine.

All fluoroscopic exams are performed by a board certified radiologist with assistance by a licensed radiologic technologist.

Preparing for Your Fluoroscopy

Most fluoroscopic procedures require some preparation by the patient which often includes fasting from food and liquids for a designated period of time. In the case of a barium enema, the preparation also includes a cleansing of the colon that starts several days prior to the exam. This information is explained to the patient at the time the exam is scheduled. Due to the fasting requirements of these exams, most fluoroscopic x-rays are scheduled for the morning.

Payment and Insurance

Please remember to bring your insurance information.

SouthCoast Imaging Center participates in most major insurance plans. We will be pleased to bill your insurance company for you, upon request.

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