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Lowering High Blood Pressure

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Suffering from high blood pressure is a condition that can affect almost all aspects of your life. If you have high blood pressure, there's a good chance your primary doctor either has or wants to put you on blood pressure medication. Regardless of whether you have tried medications or not, there are still several changes you can make in your life to help reduce your blood pressure and live a more enjoyable life.

Here's a quick look at four tips anyone can follow to lower blood pressure and live a healthier life!

1) Lose a few pounds

This might seem like a never-ending battle for some, but the truth is, you don't have to lose 20 pounds to enjoy lower blood pressure. In fact, losing anywhere from 5 to 10 pounds can be of significant help in regards to reducing high blood pressure. Do keep in mind that this tip is meant for those who are overweight or obese. Losing weight if you are underweight for your height can actually increase blood pressure, so make sure to speak with your physician before you start any blood pressure-lowering technique. 

2) Start doing more

When was the last time you spent time hiking through the woods or swimming a few laps at the local swimming center? By doing more and staying active, this helps reduce blood pressure. You do, however, need to keep your activities in sync with your sleep routine because getting enough rest for the activities you perform is essential to having healthy blood pressure. 

3) Assess your lifestyle

Does your lifestyle involve following a routine? Do you find yourself taking part in numerous social activities? While being active and having a social life is important to your overall health, if you keep yourself too busy, this can lead to high blood pressure. This is why you need to assess your lifestyle and cut out any activities that are leading to stress. The lower your stress level, the lower your blood pressure. 

4) Mix in more veggies and fruits

If your current diet doesn't include a hefty combination of fruits and veggies, you should mix them in more often. Just remember, foods that are high in fiber have an amazing ability to keep your blood pressure from getting too high. And with so many ways to eat fruits and veggies, you don't have an excuse not to include them in your daily diet. 

Looking for professional help to get your blood pressure at a healthy level? Contact SouthCoast Health's Family Medicine or Internal Medicine departments to make an appointment. 

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