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5 Tips To Keep Your Feet Healthy During Summer From SouthCoast Health Podiatrist Dr. Skalla

Monday, April 17, 2017

The summer can be a busy time for our feet. It is also a time of high-risk for contracting fungal infections and damaging your feet. Here are five tips to help keep your feet healthy from SouthCoast Health podiatrist Dr. Craig K. Skalla.

1.    Stay Clean

The summer is a common time for many people to contract warts and fungal infections on their feet. To prevent this, take extra measures to ensure the cleanliness of your feet and thwart the spreading of bacteria. Always wash your feet after water activities, and avoid walking around barefoot. Before you walk into your house after being outside all day, make sure to take your shoes off to avert the spreading of bacteria from outside into your home.  If your socks and shoes have become wet, take them off immediately and allow them to dry properly before putting them back on.

Keeping up with the responsibility of cleaning your feet will significantly lower your chances of contracting infections or fungi.

2.    Care Properly for Sweaty Feet

Sweaty feet can be a difficult problem in the summer time. Giving your feet breathing room is an excellent way to combat sweaty feet, so choose open-toed shoes when going outside and avoid wearing socks and shoes if staying inside. Make sure to wash your feet regularly to prevent the buildup of sweat and stench.

3.    Wear the Right Shoes

When shopping for new shoes, make sure to buy ones that don’t require breaking in. Blisters not only hurt, but they also carry a high risk of infection. Buying shoes that are comfortable is a great first step, but, if you feel a blister coming on, make sure to add protection to your skin.

While flip flops are always a favorite summertime shoe, they lack the proper support for your feet and can be a breeding ground for bacteria. Consider buying flip flops that have better support for your feet, and always make sure to throw away old shoes. The older the shoe, the more bacteria that has gathered on its surface.

4.    Food and Water Affect Feet Too

It may be no surprise to you that our diets affect our feet. Foods high in salt and sugar can cause our feet to swell and become puffy. Avoid packaged foods that are heavily salted, and make sure to drink plenty of water to keep your body and feet hydrated.

5.    Create Your Perfect Self-Care Regiment

Don’t forget to pamper your feet, especially in this busy season, to prevent cracks on your heels. Make sure to wear sunscreen to prevent sunburn and other skin issues. Giving your feet long scrubs with a salt scrub and using moisturizer are excellent ways to keep your feet healthy. There are countless of products available, so spend time researching to find the one that works best for you.

We at SouthCoast Health want you to enjoy summer, but these outdoor activities can wreak havoc on your feet. Follow these tips to keep your busy feet safe and happy.

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