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New Year's Health Resolutions From Our Physicians

Tuesday, December 26, 2023

A sign that says “New Year, New Health,” a bowl a fruit, a water bottle, weights, measuring tape, and a scale.

With the fresh start each new year brings, there’s one thing we can still count on: New Year’s resolutions! Let’s commit to working on goals that will make you healthier and happier.

If you’re struggling to figure out exactly what you want to improve about your life this year, listen to some advice from our medical experts. Here are SouthCoast Health physician’s very own 2024 New Year's resolutions!

  1. Drink More Water: Did you know drinking enough water increases your energy levels, relieves constipation, helps treat kidney stones, and more? If you’re not drinking the recommended 64 ounces of water a day, make that your 2023 health resolution. - SouthCoast Health’s Dr. William Knight (Family Medicine)

  2. Find a New Way to Exercise: Going a step above and beyond deciding to exercise more during the new year, focus instead on finding a way to get your heart pumping that you love. That might mean going to a dance class or trying running for the first time. I encourage you to get out there and explore. It might just make exercising easier for you. - SouthCoast Health’s Physical Therapist, Christopher B. Curry, PT, MS, MEd (Physical Therapy)

  3. Walk More: Not only does walking give you the chance to take a break from your screen time and the stress of work, but it also helps to get your body up and moving. Add multiple daily walks to your schedule as a great New Year’s resolution. - SouthCoast Health’s Dr. Leland Dampier (Family Medicine)

  4. More Sleep: The negative effects of not enough sleep are steep. You’ll feel less motivated, more irritated, and all you want to do is go back to sleep when that’s not an option for you. For your New Year’s resolution, work on your sleep health. Try to ensure you’re getting eight hours of rest every night. Limit distractions in the bedroom so you sleep more soundly. Whatever it takes so you wake up feeling refreshed. - SouthCoast Health’s Dr. Rebecca Sellers (Family Medicine)

  5. Get Up-To-Date on Physical Exams: Haven’t been to the doctor in some time? Change that in 2023! Especially for your kids, the benefit of annual wellness exams means you can catch treatable conditions early. Schedule your family’s appointments today. - SouthCoast Health’s Dr. Blaine Crosland (Pediatrics)

  6. Focus on De-Stressing:Feeling stressed out means your body is in constant flight or fight mode. That means you’re feeling exhausted, your heart rate has increased, and you’re not able to enjoy a lot of things in life. For 2024, make sure you work on your ability to destress. Sign off for the day and let work go.

  7. Sign Up To Be an Organ Donor: Becoming an organ donor is a noble thing to do, and it’s so easy. But the benefits are endless! Make it a goal of 2024 to sign up to be an organ donor. - SouthCoast Health’s Dr. Garrett White (Nephrology)

  8. Get Outside: Most of us are holed up inside our homes as we live through the pandemic. But you can still safely go outside and enjoy the sunlight plus the benefits of vitamin D. Spend some time responding to emails on your porch, or go for a walk around the block. There’s ways to still be safe and get fresh air. -  SouthCoast Health’s Dr. Misal Patel (Internal Medicine)

  9. Focus On Your Heart: The leading cause of death in America is heart disease. We all want to change that. Instead of focusing on just general health goals, I challenge you to pick up healthy habits that directly impact your heart.  Let’s change the way heart disease impacts you and our community. -  SouthCoast Health’s Dr. Jonathan Lanham (Cardiology)

If you have any further questions about these new year’s resolutions from our physicians, SouthCoast Health would be happy to help you. Schedule an appointment with us or give us a call at 912.691.3600.

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